Welcome to the IBL 2016

Top 10 scorers
playerptsgms played
Alex Edwards19824
Nick Turczak19424
Curt Manuel®18320
Tim Pernini15421
©Greg Williams15024
©Sean Martin14822
Tim Howlett14122
Nick Tringale11920
Bill Caso11124
Ian Memhard10622
Top 10 playoff scorers
playerptsgms played
Tyler Pagley®324
Tim Pernini284
Nick Tringale264
Marcus Levin264
©Greg Williams244
©Scott Taylor204
Alex Edwards204
Jon Carey162
Nick Turczak162
Curtis Evans144
Curt Manuel®142
Latest News
Finals and Playoff MVP: Marcus “Un” Levin “ed Bread”
Team Records
Big Test Icicles1212646613
Mr. Revere's Kitchen1014628663
Playoff Records
Big Test Icicles4012088
Mr. Revere's Kitchen025460
no games scheduled
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